For resellers and consulting organizations specifically, and in addition to the above assessments, BDIS, LLC will:

  • Assist with hands-on evaluation of their customer’s needs and support an opportunity to closure.

  • Manage specific marketing programs and/or initiatives for technology solutions related to their business development and sales strategies


BDIS, LLC uses their extensive experience to meet the needs of several audiences:

  • Enterprise customers – who believe or know they have a performance/capacity problems by not meeting their Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) or other reporting requirements in a timely manner, or are experiencing similar issues with their VDI infrastructure.
  • ​​Resellers and Distributors – who are interested in presales assistance, competitive analysis, lead generation, business development initiatives, project management and TCO/ROI analysis to support legacy databases and/or new customers.

  • OEMs – who are looking for assistance with competitive analysis, technical research, white paper development/editing, and TCO/ROI analysis for their sales teams.

  • Consulting Services Organizations – who need specific program and/or broad spectrum TCO/ROI analyses for specific server and storage initiatives